Deputies collide while responding to shooting

BELLA VISTA, Calif. - Two Shasta County Sheriff's Office patrol SUVs collided while responding to reports of a shooting on Friday afternoon.

The first report of a disturbance came in at 2:24 p.m. in the area of Deschutes Road and Buena Vista Road.

Deputies received word that David Roden, 28, of Redding had fired a shot at Reuben Hendrix, 38, of Palo Cedro during a verbal altercation with several subjects.  As Roden tried to flee, Hendrix followed him in order to provide his license plate to dispatchers, according to investigators.

When Roden noticed Hendrix was following him, he pulled off the road and fled on foot, deputies said.

Shortly after, Sheriff's Office units began arriving on scene. As one of the Sheriff's SUVs slowed to make a turn, the unit behind it had to take evasive action, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The two units collided, sending one into a fence and off the side of the road.

None of the involved deputies was hurt, and they continued their response to the call.

With the help of air support and concerned neighbors, they found Roden hiding in a creek bed nearby.

Upon further investigation, deputies learned Roden was at a residence on Buena Vista Court to assist a female friend who was attempting to remove her personal items due to a recent incident with Hendrix. As the female and Roden were attempting to leave the residence, Hendrix quickly arrived in his vehicle and confronted them about the female leaving. After a verbal altercation between Hendrix and Roden, Roden pointed a handgun at Hendrix and shot at him. The bullet hit Hendrix's vehicle just in front of the driver's side door.

Roden was transported to the Shasta County Jail and booked for several outstanding warrants as well as several charges including attempted murder.

During the interview of Roden, deputies realized he was a suspect in a stabbing at a residence on Anna Road on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. Deputies asked Roden about what had occurred on that date, and he admitted to stabbing the victim, Lorin Strahle, in the abdomen during that physical altercation.

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