Hit and run sends Redding man to the hospital

REDDING Calif. - Residents in a quiet north Redding neighborhood said what happened Wednesday night was something straight out of a movie.

The neighborhood near Decoy Lane is down a gravel road and only has six homes.

Karen Roberts moved with her husband from Santa Cruz, California looking for a quiet place to spend their retirement.

On Wednesday afternoon she said the unimaginable became reality.    

"We had called our son over to help move some hay and we had seen a white Toyota pick-up [truck] come barreling down the road," Karen said.

Karen's son, 38-year-old Michael Roberts saw the commotion and decided to check it out.

"My son got out of the car to wave at them stop and when he did that they ran into him," Karen said.

According to Karen, Michael jumped onto the driver's side of the truck and grabbed the window to avoid being pinned.

Then the truck took off with Michael holding on for his life.

"Mike says, 'Stop you are going to kill me.' And [the driver] says, 'That is what I am trying to do,'" Karen said.

Neighbors also saw the driver punching Michael in the face.

"That time is when mike fell and he said the truck ran him over," Karen said.

The hit injured Michael's head and leg, breaking his right femur.

Witnesses also said the driver and three other passengers took off down a dirt road near the Robert's home.

The driver and passengers have not been found.

"We are asking for the public's help in locating these people," said Michael's mother Karen.

She also said this is not the first time suspicious people were in the neighborhood.

"We have had a lot of illegal dumping out here. A lot of people coming back here just to camp, dry camp and leave their mess around," Karen said.

The hit and run has left the Robert's family looking for answers but Karen is confident her son will heal.

"Mike is happy go lucky. If you need something he is there to help you," Karen said.

Michael went into surgery Thursday morning.

Neighbors did get a glimpse of the white Toyota truck and they say it has an Oregon license plate with the letters V and F and numbers 5 and 9.

If you happen to see a vehicle that fits this description, please call the Shasta County Sheriff's Office.

The Roberts family is also asking for donations to help cover Michael's medical costs.

Donations can be accepted on their go-fund-me-account here.

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