Jury shown crime scene in third day of Duenas murder trial

Graphic Photos From The Mark Duenas Trial

REDDING, Calif. - Wednesday was day three of the Duenas murder trial and the prosecution spent most of their time, attempting to present a description of the crime scene.

Jurors heard testimony from Samantha Cheney, a Shasta County Senior Crime Scene Evidence Technician, who described the scene she found on May 5 after the murder.

Mark Duenas, appeared to turn away from some of the graphic images showed.

Mark, accused of stabbing his wife Karen of nearly 33 years, sat quietly and at times communicated with his attorney, Ron Powell. In the gallery of the courtroom sat Mark and Karen Duenas' family; both families have publicly supported Mark throughout the case.

Cheney described the bloodied blanket she found near Karen's body, along with the setup of the bedroom.

She also told the jury of the diluted blood spots found nearby in the master bedroom, on a toothpaste container, the sink, and a light switch.

Cheney said that based on how Karen's blood had pooled around her body, she was stabbed lying down.

In the defense's cross examination, Powell questioned how little attention was given to the possibility of an intruder entering the house.

He pointed out that bark below the window left little possibility of footprints and that often times a stabbing suspect might suffer cuts, but Mark had none.

The trial will resume Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

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