New details: 8-month-old Red Bluff baby's death

RED BLUFF, Calif. - A deputy's affidavit, obtained by KRCR News Channel Seven, reveals new details on an 8-month-old baby's murder.

Deputies arrested 22-year-old Brandon Branscombe Thursday for allegedly murdering his girlfriend's 8-month-old baby, Dylan Miller.

Branscombe is not the baby's father.

It happened on Mother's Day at a home on Byron Avenue in Red Bluff.

Debbie Kasch lives across the street and said witnessed the incident unfold. She told us while deputies processed the scene, Branscombe showed "no remorse, no emotion, no crying...[nothing] like that." She said it was "pretty disturbing."

According to the Deputy's affidavit, Dylan's mother came home for lunch to find him not breathing in his crib. They said she described him as pale with bruises and scratches on his head.

"I saw them bring the baby out and I saw them try to resuscitate the poor little thing," Kasch said.

When Dylan's mother went to go look for her Branscombe, she found him "passed out" in bed.

Witnesses told Deputies she became distraught yelling at him, "that he was supposed to be watching Dylan." Branscombe apparently seemed irritated and yelled back at her "he's fine."

Kasch said, "it just broke my heart. It  just broke my heart because I knew it was bad."

Deputies said when they arrived, they saw bite marks on Dylan's arm and neck. They also saw scratches and bruises on his head and other parts of his body.

"It's a terrible terrible thing that happened on our block and I feel tremendously for the mother and her family," Kasch told us.

The document said Branscombe's blood alcohol content was at .136 that day. He claimed he had 4 and a half beers that morning.

Branscombe, who was out of jail and in the GPS Alternative Custody Program, was taken back into custody that day.

He was arrested on an open count of murder Thursday morning.

Kasch said it is devastating to think back to when it all happened.

"I feel awful for her but I'm glad to see that justice will be served and he will be held accountable for his crime," Kasch said.

Officials said at a news conference Thursday afternoon that Dylan died from multiple blunt force injuries, which they describe as "brutal."

They told us at least two items were used in hitting Dylan and those items have since been recovered.

Deputies said there were a handful of inconsistencies Branscombe's story, including that he claimed he left Dylan on a blanket in the living room. Even though the mother apparently found him in his playpen.

We also looked through Branscombe's court records and found that since October, he has had four DUI'S and one drunk in public charge. He is currently on probation for multiple crimes.

Branscombe was arraigned in Tehama County Courtroom Thursday and is scheduled to be back in court next week.

We were told the District Attorney will possibly add a torture charge.

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