New Details: Tehama County Man Charged for Molesting Children at Wife's Daycare

RED BLUFF, Calif. - The Tehama County District Attorney held a news conference discussing details about a man accused of molesting children at a daycare operated by his wife.

District Attorney, Gregg Cohen, said 64-year-old Ralph Martin molested at least four children at Country Kids Daycare in Gerber. The ages range between two and 10 years old.

He said there is a definite possibility of more victims that have not come forward yet.

Cohen said the investigation was launched on November 5th when a four-year-old girl was taken to the hospital. That is when they were led to the daycare run by Martin's wife, Virginia Martin.

She has operated her business in Tehama County since 2003. She ran one prior to that in Southern California.

Cohen said investigators are working to track down each kid that has ever been at the daycare.

Investigators have "been in contact with either parents or children and the number of children who seem to of been in that daycare facility have been in the number of about fifty," Cohen said. 

Cohen said, according to Martin, that her state license to run a daycare has been revoked. Cohen said Martin was listed on that license as someone who was often in the home.

Martin worked as a truck driver, but Cohen said he was often left alone with the kids while Virginia ran errands.  

Martin faces six counts, all of which are felonies, and has the potential to be convicted of two life sentences. Cohen said there will most likely be more charges filed.

"I have young kids myself. I am very, very bothered by this type of situation," Cohen said.

At this point, Virginia is not facing any charges and they do not believe she was aware of her husband's actions.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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