Suspect swipes a grand worth of gear from parked cars

Break-in caught on tape

REDDING, Calif. - A thief ripped off more than $1,200 worth of snowboarding gear and personal information out of two cars parked in a Redding owner's driveway. What the suspect didn't see was the surveillance camera mounted on the home where the cars were parked.

According to the timestamp on the surveillance video, the thief crept into the driveway just before 7:30 a.m., Wednesday morning.

"He stole a helmet, boots and a white Burton snowboard jacket with yellow stripes," said the owner, who chose to remain unidentified.

The suspect also stole checks and personal documents from a second unlocked car in the driveway of a neighborhood near East Bonnyview Road.

It took the suspect about four and a half minutes and two trips to his getaway car before he was gone.

The man and woman living in the home that was hit said they are still a little shaken from the early morning incident.

The Redding Police department is investigating the theft. If you recognize the suspect or the vehicle he was seen driving in, you're asked to call police at 225-4200.

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