Two men, one a sex offender, accused of harassing Red Bluff teenagers

Two men accused of harassing Red Bluff teens

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Two men in Tehama County are accused of harassing a pair of teenagers in Red Bluff.

One of the men is 33-year-old Nathan Webster, a registered sex offender. The other is 24-year-old Thomas Hoagland.

Red Bluff Police said two 13-year-old girls were walking down a street around 5 p.m. on Saturday at the 900-block of Lincoln St.

Police said Webster and Hoagland were crossing the street when they spotted the teenagers. The girls began to run away, eventually going into a nearby liquor store, which is where they tried to hide.

Webster and Hoagland followed the girls into the store but police said when they saw one of the girls on the phone, the two men ran away.

Officers were able to identify the men using the store's surveillance video. Webster was arrested for annoying or molesting a minor before police discovered that he is  also registered as a high-risk sex offender and on parole.

According to Tehama County court documents, that charge stems from a 2001 case when Webster was convicted of sexual penetration by a foreign object with a victim under 16 years old.  

He also has several other charges going all the way back to the mid 1990's, including everything from cruelty to an animal, vandalism and assaulting an officer.

Hoagland did not have any recent charges.

He has not been arrested yet in relation to this incident, but his case has been turned over to the District Attorney. Police are requesting an annoying or molesting a minor charge as well.

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