Customer Shocked To Discover Sexually Explicit Movie On His DVD Cleaning Disc

ORLAND, Calif. - A Glenn County man got quite a shock when he played a DVD cleaner that he purchased at an Orland discount store. Instead of cleaning his DVD player, what he got was a sexually explicit video.

Sidney Klawittier said he bought the DVD cleaning kit just before Christmas. He made the purchase at the discount retailer No Moe Than A Dollar located on 6th Street in Orland.

Klawittier was cleaning the DVD player in his 12-year-old grandson's bedroom when he discovered the explicit video.

"I was shocked myself," said Klawittier. "I couldn't believe it, I said wow, this is really disgusting."

The DVD contains a graphic mix of sex and violence. Upon closer examination, Klawittier said it appeared the disc may have been recycled. After applying the cleaning solution to the DVD, the label peeled away, revealing a movie title underneath on the original disc. The title of the movie appeared to be Poultrygeist Night of The Chicken Dead (a Troma Team Release) by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz.

"Disgusting is putting it lightly. It was horrifying," said Klawittier. "I'm considering hiring an attorney to make sure this doesn't happen to other people."

The store owner Moe Zokari said he is no longer selling the product. He said he bought the DVD cleaning kits from a warehouse distributor in Oakland in November. The DVD was in a plastic package with the cleaning solution.

"If this happened I'm sorry, but I've been doing business here 15 years, you should investigate the distributor I buy from," said Zokari. "I'm sorry, I apologize, I won't buy from the company no more, that's for sure."

The package carries the brand name FamilyMaid, and lists a business address in Vernon, California. KRCR called FamilyMaid to ask them how this could have happened. A company representative said this is the first complaint they received. She said the product is imported from China. After hearing about the complaint, she said she had employees check several cases of the product and they did not find any other problems.

Klawittier contacted the Orland Police Department to investigate. Officers went to the store and found the cleaning kits were no longer being sold. Investigators say they could forward the case to the FBI, but because there was only one complaint federal authorities might not have enough evidence to proceed.

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