Day 5 of murder retrial concludes, son testifies

REDDING, Calif. - Casey Duenas, the couple's youngest son testified Wednesday.

Wednesday marked day five of testimony in the murder retrial of Mark Duenas.

He's accused of stabbing his wife of 33 years, Karen Duenas, to death in their Cottonwood home in May 2012.

On Wednesday some 13 witnesses were called to the stand.

Casey was the last and testified for a little more than half an hour.

He described for the jury his day on May 4, the day before Karen was found dead.

Casey, a former student-athlete at West Valley High School said his parents attended his baseball double-header together.

Mom, Karen, kept score like she always did for her five sons.

When the family returned home all was normal before Casey left for a movie with longtime friend Blake Adkins.

Adkins described the night at the movies and also said sometime prior to the murder he had damaged the screen to Karen's room with a wiffle ball bat, causing it to rip.

In a cross-examination, defense attorney Ron Powell pointed out Adkins had told law enforcement the Duenas family was "the best family he had ever seen" and that Mark had never made the suggestion the friends go see a movie.

A series of other witnesses also testified to what they heard that night.

From across the street one woman described hearing a faint scream and said she thought it could've been partying.

Her boyfriend at the time said the scream sounded scared and several teenagers in the area said they heard the scream as well and thought it sounded like a scared woman.

Though one said it could've been partying.

In a surprise, one witness admitted he told law enforcement he heard a scream but when in front of the jury said he actually didn't hear anything.

Casey Duenas will be first to the stand tomorrow to finish his testimony.

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