Deceased wife's ashes stolen from husband's truck

Victim: 'They probably thought it had drugs inside'

Deceased wife's ashes stolen from husband's truck

ANDERSON, Calif. - A grieving husband in Shasta County is dealing with loss all over again.

Burglary can be devastating for any victim - but for Michael Bailey of Anderson his heart is breaking. That is what he said Friday. Bailey stepped out of his home at 1975 Spruce Circle Friday morning on his way to work to find his property stolen from his truck.

"Got in the truck and I noticed everything was scattered through," Bailey said.

Many items were stolen from the white, 2004 Chevy Silverado truck. The one that meant the most to Bailey was a small vial, containing the ashes of his deceased wife, which was hanging from his rear-view mirror.

"It's just I can't replace it," Bailey said. "It's just something that I cherished. I always looked at it and always talked to her."

Bailey was married to his wife, Dianne, for 25 years. She died four years ago, losing the battle to cancer.

Bailey believes the vial may have been mistaken for illegal paraphernalia.

"[The thief] probably thought it had drugs in it," he said. "You know, I don't think they realized what was in it."

Bailey's girlfriend, Kim Fitzpatrick, reached out to KRCR News Channel 7 and the masses. She posted a little information about the theft on her Facebook page and pleaded for the item to be returned.

As for Michael Bailey, he has no ill-will and no hate in his heart. He just wants it returned.

"That's it. I just want it back. No questions asked," he said. "I'm hoping that I can come out of the house in the morning and it'll be sitting on the step."

If you know anything about this item there are several ways you can help to get it back. You can reach Kim Fitzpatrick on Facebook or call her at (530) 440-0946.

You can also return the items to the Anderson Police Department. A police report was filed with the department.

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