Defense rests in Mark Duenas murder trial

REDDING, Calif. - The trial continued on Tuesday for Mark Duenas, the Cottonwood man accused of murdering his wife of 33 years, Karen Duenas in their home in May 2012.

The defense took less than two hours to make their case at the trial on Tuesday. Last week, the defense attorney said that they would likely call Mark Duenas to testify, however, in court on Tuesday, he did not take the stand.

Eight witnesses were called to testify and the prosecution is not expecting to give a rebuttal.

Several of the witnesses spoke of seeing Karen and Mark Duenas at a baseball game earlier in the day where they appeared "normal."

The Duenas' next-door neighbor also took the stand and said she never heard screams.

The couple's son, Jacob, who lives in Chico, testified that he was helping them with a financial plan. He said he knew there was trouble in the marriage but he said he never heard any word of divorce.

Closing arguments are slated to begin on Wednesday morning.

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