Denim Day to raise awareness

Denim Day to raise awareness

REDDING, Calif. - April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. Today One Safe Place partnered with Shasta College and Simpson University to focus on sexual assault prevention.

Today is known as "Denim Day" which recalls a 1999 Italian court ruling which overturned a rape a conviction because the assault victim was found by the court to have helped her attacker remove her clothes, because she was wearing denim, which the court took to imply consent.

That incident has become an international symbol of protest against destructive attitudes about sexual violence.

One Safe Place displayed sexual assault facts, prevention materials and had advocates on hand who are trained to help victims of sexual assault.

"With our youth, especially as you get into relationships there's a concern, you want to communicate exactly what you need from that relationship," said Emily Westphal, with One Safe Place.

"And if there's any sort of sexual interaction going on between these two we want to make sure that both are making that conscious choice and both people are being respected in that relationship."

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