Dentist provides Shane Miller's dental records, confirms remains

PALO CEDRO, Calif. - The Shasta County Sheriff's Office held a press conference Monday evening regarding the discovery of Shane Miller's body.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko said there were remains found near Petrolia which after reviewing dental records confirmed they belonged to accused triple-murderer Shane Miller.

The Humboldt County Sheriff's Office responded to the River Bar in Petrolia Friday around 11:00 p.m after a person, who choose to remain anonymous, reported finding possible human remains on the river bank of the Mattole River in Petrolia, south of Eureka.

This was in the same area where Miller's truck was found after he disappeared. Authorities have been searching for Miller since May of 2013 after he allegedly killed his wife Sandy and daughters 8-year-old Shelby and 5-year-old Shasta.

On Wednesday, three days before the body of Miller was found, Dr. William Farrell said he decided to contact the Shasta County Sheriff's Office in regards to Miller's dental records.

Dr. Farrell said he had been wanting to give those records to the Sheriff's Office after CNN did a special on Miller.

And on Saturday, the Shasta County Sheriff's Office got a hold of those dental records and were able to compare them to the body found in Petrolia. Those documents confirmed the remains belonged to Miller.

"Of course it feels good that you can do something for not just the family to get closure but the whole community up there had concerns and so it makes you feel good," said Dr. Farrell. "Doing the forensic dentistry I've never had a patient of my own involved in such a horrible event particularly and so it was strange."

The cause of Shane Miller's death is still under investigation.

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