Deputies: Discrepancies With Student's Attempted Kidnapping Claim

COTTONWOOD, Calif. - Evergreen Middle School in Cottonwood went into lockdown Thursday afternoon after a student said a man approached her at knife point and told her to get in his car.

The school was put into lockdown from 2:40 p.m. until 3:05 p.m. School officials at Evergreen released a statement in an email to parents:

"Thursday, March 7, 2013 at approximately 2:40 pm, Evergreen Middle School went into a Lockdown due to a report of a suspicious person on campus. After a search of the entire campus and surrounding areas as well as interviews with other students and staff that were in the same areas of the reported incident, nothing was found to support the claim. The Lockdown was cleared at approximately 3:05 pm and activities resumed as normal. As an added precaution, Tehama County Sheriff's Department was notified and report filed. - Supt Mendenhall"

Friday morning Tehama County Deputy Rod Daugherty said that the sheriff's office was not notified about the alleged attempted kidnapping until after school officials had put the school into lockdown. He said when deputies arrived, they conducted an area search and found no suspicious persons on campus or in the surrounding area.

"There were inconsistencies and lack of evidence to support that there was any suspicious person on the Evergreen Middle School campus. -Brad Mendenhall"

Deputies said there were some discrepancies with the student's story and found nothing to support the attempted kidnapping claim. After interviewing the student along with other faculty members, deputies and school officials said they received two different reports of what happened from the student.

Evergreen School District Superintendent Brad Mendenhall said the school is taking all the necessary precautionary measures. The school district sent a second statement to parents Friday afternoon, to view the statement click here.

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