Deputies: Man Fired Gun at Wife's Feet During 5 Hour Domestic Dispute

MILLVILLE, Calif. - A Shasta County man was arrested Tuesday, acccused of firing a gun at his wife's feet during a domestic dispute that lasted 5 hours..

Robert Weichers, 58, is held at the Shasta County Jail on a series of charges.  The charges include domestic violence, felony assault with a firearm, criminal threats and false imprisonment.

The incident happened late on the night of March 25 at the couple's home on Quail Terrace Lane in Millville.

During the fight Weichers' wife said he pointed a pistol at her, then fired a shot into the floor at her feet.  He allegedly pointed the gun at his wife several more times, but the gun did not fire.

Deputies said during the fight, Weichers threw the gun at her and hit her before locking her in a bedroom.   The entire incident lasted about 5 hours.  The woman escaped.  She reported the incident on Monday, April 1.  Deputies attempted to interview Weichers but said he was uncooperative.

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