Deputies: Relatively quiet Labor Day on Shasta Lake

As thousands of people ventured out to enjoy their weekend off on the lake, it was time for deputies out patrolling to be on high alert.

Deputies said for the most part it was been pretty quiet but low lake levels have been a problem.

"We've had some accidents this year. The lake is down a lot lower so there's more islands that have come up and more people need to be aware," said Deputy John McCarville.

One boat is believed to have run ashore Sunday night.

Investigators believe it might have been involved in some criminal activity from the night, but deputies declined to get into the specifics of their investigation.

The operator of the boat fled.

For the most part though - it was a quiet weekend. There was one arrest for an alleged theft and outstanding warrants.

A few medical calls were reported, including a wake-boarder who suffered from a broken leg and another person who broke their arm.

At last check, no boating under the influences had been reported.

Deputies say during the summer as a whole there have been seven "boating under the influences."

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