Despite outdoor events like graduations this weekend, Northstate tries to beat the heat

REDDING,Calif - It seems that triple-digit heat has arrived just in time for several important outdoor events in the Northstate, leaving many trying to find ways to stay cool outdoors.

Several schools, including Shasta High School, have graduation ceremonies this weekend.

Shasta High School Athletic Director Brian McIntire said students had graduation practice early on Friday morning but the practice cut short because of the heat.

The Shasta High School ceremony starts at 8 p.m. and McIntire said he hopes that by then, the temperature will have cooled. Still, he said the school is prioritizing keeping the students as cool as possible.

"If we could keep them air conditioned in there before they come down, we'll miss the major heat of the day and it will start cooling down at that point," said McIntire.

For those sitting on the hot benches, the school said it is important to stay hydrated.

And staying hydrated is exactly what some children did at the Fantasy Fountain in Redding on Friday.

"It's a really hot day... I really want to be out here I really want to swim," said one girl at the fountain, Bella Neal. "So my family took us over here to check the place out."

Children said that staying cool is all about common sense.

When asked how she stays cool in the summer heat, Neal said it's simple – "by going to the pool and swimming and having Otter Pops all day."

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