Disabled man seeks stolen bike

Disabled man seeks stolen bike

REDDING, Calif. - Forrest Cochrane said he spend a year saving money to build his dream bike. And after spending about $1,000 on it, his bike was stolen.

Cochrane works at Turbo'z Deli in Downtown Redding. He said he always parks his bike behind Turbo'z. And on Tuesday afternoon someone took it.

"I was really in shock that someone would stoop that low to steal something that valuable from someone who's mentally disabled and can't really handle driving a vehicle," said Cochrane. "And that's my only mode of transportation right now."

The bike is called a "dirt jumper" and it looks like a BMX bike with 26 inch wheels. He said the bike is chrome with yellow-green accents.

The serial number is NS1000 551. If you have any information you are asked to contact Redding police.

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