Downtown Chico businesses work through power outage

CHICO, Calif. - PG&E crews said the power went out at 8:07 a.m. for 91 downtown Chico businesses.

PG&E said a destroyed cable started smoking near the corner of Fourth and Wall Street that knocked out the power to downtown and Chico State.

Crews spent the entire day trying to figure out what could have knocked out the power.

"I came to work and the power went out," said hair stylist Marie Neugebaur.

Neugebaur works at the Goldilocks Salon off the corner of Third and Wall Streets. During the outage, Neugebaur was in the middle of coloring Orland Kindergarten Teacher, Amy Alves' hair.

"We still got the job done with the natural light," said Neugebaur.

"I'm kind of experimental with my hair anyway, so it didn't bother me as much," said Alves.

PG&E was able to restore some of the power back around 10 a.m. to 49 customers, including the Goldilock's Salon.

"I would have missed out on five clients," said Neugebar.

PG&E said the destroyed line is expected to be repaired 7 p.m., and all the power will be restored.

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