Drill Team Prepares For The Redding Rodeo

The Redding Junior Rodeo Association Drill Team is preparing to perform at one of the biggest events in the Northstate.

The Redding Rodeo typically attracts crowds by the thousands, all there to see the best of the west saddle up.  The RJRA Drill Team is a big draw for the rodeo. 

Drill Master Sammie Williams has been coaching the team for seven years.  She is a former junior drill member herself, and says she enjoys working with the next generation of riders.

"I had so much fun and so many good memories that's why I do it. I want these kids to have the kind of memories I had," says Williams.

With 24 different personalities, including 12 horses and 12 riders, it can be a challenge to get everyone in line.  Williams says to get there it takes dedication and countless hours of hard work.  She says the team is like a family, and they have a special bond.  A family made up of riders age 11 to 16 who travel around the country competing. 

Their team captain, 16 year-old Jackie Scarry says they are especially excited for the Redding Rodeo because it's an event they can have fun with.

"We are performing for people and it's not other teams.  It's our hometown so it's awesome," says Scarry.

They will be performing next Wednesday through Friday at the Redding Rodeo.



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