Drought hurts bull sales

Drought hurts bull sales

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Oak Run rancher expects the 73rd Annual Red Bluff Bull and Gelding sale to be the worst year in bull sales.

More than 300 bulls will be auctioned off for the event. Rancher Frank Lima of Stardust Farms said this isn't an ideal time to be selling.

"Unfortunately when you're in the cow business that's what happens, you got good years and you got bad years," said Lima.

The drought has everyone spending more money to feed their cattle since there isn't a lot green grass for them to eat.

"This year all ranchers are going through a tremendous amount of hay," said Lima.

Plus, the dry conditions have forced many ranchers to take their cows out of state. Lima said ranchers only need about one bull to every thirty cows, so this lowers the demands for bulls.

"If you don't need a bull this would be a time to buy a bull," said Lima.

Lima predicts bulls will only sell for about $4,000 on average at this year's event; unlike the previous year where they went for about $5,000.

"When you go to sell that bull three or four years down the road you are going to be at a good advantage," said Lima.

Unfortunately for Lima, it's a buyer's market. He is expecting his profits to be down 30 percent. But he knows this is just the cycle of the business.

"We will recover, we always have that's what American people do," said Lima.

The bull sale will be Saturday starting at 9:30 a.m. at the Tehama County Fairgrounds.

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