Drought impacts next winter's ski season

Drought impacts next winter's ski season

REDDING, Calif. - California's drought is already affecting the next ski season for the Northstate.

The golden state is having one of the driest years on record, and pain from the drought trickled down to the winter sporting shops. Shelves are still stocked with winter gear, and it's not what Redding Sports LTD had planned for.

"Probably one of our most difficult years since the ski park didn't open," said sales associate Nathan Buchholz.

Sales associate Nathan Buchholz said they worked a deal out with their manufacturers to take some winter items back and sell to other stores in the country with better ski seasons.

"Back east it was good so it kind of balanced out for them," said Buchholz.

Redding Sports LTD was left with about 60 percent of their merchandise that would have been sold if it was a good season. Hard winter gear including skis, snowboards and boots. To make sure they're not in the same bind next year, they're going to be a lot more selective when ordering items.

"Carry one item but maybe not in so many colors or just as many models, or cut out brands completely if we have to," said Buccholz.

Fortunately, Redding Sports LTD sells other items besides winter sporting gear.

"Oh we would probably be shaking in our boots if we were only a winter shop," said Buccholz.

The shop offers gear and apparel for sports year-round from backpacking to cycling. This year they were able to focus on other departments and stay in business during the lean winter season.

Plus, they've marked all their winter gear down at least 50 percent to help move it along. The winter sale made it an ideal time for customers like Ramon Rubio who is preparing to head to South America where their winter season is about to get underway.

"Around June or July, is when the big season starts so hopefully I will be able to get some boarding down there since I couldn't at Mount Shasta," said Ramon Rubio.

Redding Sports LTD is hoping for a good ski season next year, but since the weather can be pretty unpredictable Buchholz said they'd rather have less merchandise to choose from than be overloaded like this year.



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