Drought may cause Lewiston to run out of water

LEWISTON, Calif. - The drought may lead to water shortages in the town of Lewiston. Lewiston Park Mutual Water Company usually has five wells to supply its 500 customers. The water to fill the wells comes from groundwater. Dry conditions this summer have caused the groundwater supply to decrease. The water company has had to turn off two of its five wells because there is no water to refill them. The wells can only put out one gallon per minute. They normally put out 25 to 60 gallons per minute. The company is also resorting to pumping in water from the Trinity River. 

"The wells that we pump from are not being replenished ... they're slowly not producing as much as they should be. It is possible that we would not be able to meet customer demand. We would either run out of water or be severely limited in our water usage," said Jamie Day, office manager of Lewiston Park Mutual Water.

Customers are paying a flat rate for unlimited usage. Now the company is asking customers to cut back by adjusting their sprinklers and be conservative when washing cars. The company is in the process of installing meters so customers can better monitor their own usage and the unlimited usage can be transitioned out.

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