Drug agents chase down suspect at marijuana grow in Trinity County

WEAVERVILLE, Calif. - A two-day marijuana eradication operation ended with one man in custody, and the seizure of more than 14,000 marijuana plants.

The operation was conducted on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in Trinity County Monday and Tuesday. Five marijuana cultivation complexes were raided over the course of two days.
Officers located a suspect 31-year-old Manuel Galeana who is a Mexican National in one of the marijuana complexes.

The suspect led officers in a foot pursuit, and was shortly caught and arrested and later booked into the Trinity County Jail

A rifle was located on the ground where the suspect started the foot pursuit with Officers.  Officers located living quarters in the other marijuana sites but did not locate any suspects.

Officers also located a pistol at one of the marijuana sites. Over the course of the two day operation Officers seized 14,217 growing marijuana plants and 2,090 pounds of processed marijuana. Evidence gathered in the marijuana complexes indicated that the sites were all controlled by Mexican Nationals. Officers were also able to perform reclamation of the complexes by removing large amounts of chemicals, fertilizers and water lines in an attempt to return the National Forest to its natural state.

A total of 138,970 growing marijuana plants have been removed from the National Forest since June 1.

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