Duo accused of murders in court

REDDING, Calif. - A Shasta County man and woman involved in separate but related murder cases appeared before a judge Monday afternoon.

32-year-old Rebecca Wilson and 32-year-old Byron Willis were in court for mere minutes.

Their settlement conference was set for September 8.

Wilson is charged with the murders of Tommy Burton and Michael Forsyth.

The two men were shot and their bodies burned at an auto dismantler shop in Ingot last October.

Shasta County Sheriff investigators called it a robbery gone wrong.

A third suspect in the case Joshua McCormick was also involved, but McCormick ended up taking a plea deal and was sentenced to 150 years to life in prison earlier this year.

Investigators said a man named Eric Ratledge witnessed the murders of Burton and Forsyth.

It was about two weeks later when McCormick and another man named Byron Willis killed Ratledge at a home on Rancho Road in Redding.

They then allegedly moved his body to a remote area in Millville where it was found burned in a truck.

Rebecca Wilson's attorney, Joesph Ahart, said although this is a complicated case with mountains of paperwork, it's moving along quickly.

"These cases usually don't move as fast as we've been moving. We've been very efficient with everybody's time so a case like this, a triple homicide, you would expect it to take at least a couple years before it made it to a trial court so we're on the fast track," Ahart explained.

However, a recent fire in his office might set back the beginning of the trial.

He said he lost a large amount of documents and discovery crucial to the case.

Wilson and Willis' trial is set to begin in early October.

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