EBT now accepted at Jack In The Box

REDDING, Calif. - There have been some changes for CalWorks EBT users. Jack In The Box restaurants in the Northstate are now accepting payment from the state government program.

Those who are a part of the CalWorks program will now be able to swipe their card to get those burgers and fries.

CalWorks helps low income families by giving them a card with a fixed amount of money that can be used for daily necessities like food.

"People that are receiving these benefits through CalWorks have always been able to make choices about how they spend their money," said Anna Champe, Shasta County Health and Human Services community education specialist. "We know they spend their money for the things that all of us spend our money on, to pay the rent, to run their car, to get to their jobs, to put food on the table."

CalWorks also provides cash aid, medical coverage, employment services and other benefits to needy families.

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