Evergreen Elementary Students Trade Recess for Relay For Life

COTTONWOOD, Calif. - Evergreen Elementary School students in Cottonwood held a" Relay For Life"  recess on Friday to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The relay took place on Friday from 8:40 a.m to noon.

Students used their recess time to learn about cancer prevention. They took turns rotating while visiting different booths to learn about sun safety, nutrition, the dangers of tobacco use and the benefits of physical education. Students were also able to run or walk around the field.

Austin Flood is a third grader who got up extra early to help set up.

"The more relay, the more money we make for donations," said Flood. "The more money we make, the closer we get to a cure of cancer."

This was the first time that Evergreen Elementary School ever held a relay like this one, but Evergreen Middle School held a similar event about a week ago.

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