Exchange student hit by pickup

CITY OF SHASTA LAKE, Calif. - An exchange student is recovering after she was hit by a pickup while she was riding her bike in the City of Shasta Lake.  The 17-year old girl is an exchange student from Holland attending Central Valley High School.

Her host family lives in the City of Shasta Lake.  They said her hand was run over.

The collision happened around 5 p.m. Monday night on Shasta Dam Boulevard.  A vehicle stopped  for someone at the crosswalk, and a second vehicle swerved left to avoid the stopped car. Then a third vehicle, a pickup, swerved to the right and hit the teen and a light pole.

The driver who hit the teen is 25 year old Caleb Wilke.

Officers gave him a field sobriety test, but said drugs or alcohol do not appear to be factors in the accident.   

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