Expect More Tehama holds 4th annual summit

CORNING, Calif. - Nearly 200 people gathered today at the Rolling Hills Casino in Corning to discuss children's futures at the 4th Annual Expect More Tehama Summit.

Los Molinos High School student Emalee Kourani, was one of the students whom attended. Kourani said education is important to her,and considers herself lucky to have many opportunities since her parents didn't have the same opportunities.

"My dad was actually a foreigner to the country, he was from the middle east," said Kourani.

"It's so hard to find a job anymore without having been educated and have the experience needed and college  gives you the opportunity," said Kourani.

Expect More Tehama wants to help students just like Kourani to achieve their goals.

"What we put in place, will help them academically with relationships, with mentors and activities that will help prepare them to have everything they need going forward," said Kathy Garcia, one of the organizers of the event.

Administrators from several schools were at the event. They said they hope to put many ideas presented today into practice soon.

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