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Typhoon Haiyan relief information

With more than 2,000 estimated casualties, and an excess of 9 million people affected, Typhoon Haiyan is one of the most devastating storms ever to make landfall.

The American Red Cross, in conjunction with the Philippine Red Cross is working to reunite loved ones who are affected by Typhoon Haiyan.  Persons searching for loved ones who are not  US citizens should contact their local Red Cross at 530-244-8000.  Persons searching for US citizens should contact the US Department of State at 888-407-4747.  

The public is advised to call the Red Cross, rather than going to a local office as the appropriate paperwork can be done over the phone and a caseworker may not always be present in the office. 

Relief agencies expect the number of casualties and the amount of damage to increase exponentially. In the wake of this tragedy many organizations are coming together to help out.

Here are just a few of them:

American Red Cross: Sent support specialists to help the hardest hit areas.

AmeriCares: AmeriCares has emergency medicines and supplies ready to help families displaced by the storm.

Direct Relief International: Direct Relief is collaborating with its partner on the ground, Asia America Initiative (AAI), to coordinate the delivery of needed medical aid, which is expected to arrive in the Philippines capital, Manila, early next week. The donation contains antibiotics, pain relievers, nutritional supplements, anti-fungal medications, wound dressings, and chronic disease medicines.

Mercy Corps: Mercy Corps is launching immediate relief efforts after one of the strongest storms in recorded history devastates the Philippines.

Save the Children: Save the Children has worked in the Philippines for the past 30 years and quickly delivers humanitarian relief after the nation's frequent typhoons and other disasters.

UNICEF: UNICEF is working to provide safe water, hygiene supplies, food, shelter and a safe environment to recover.

World Food Programme: WFP is mobilizing quickly to reach those in need. Please make a donation now to provide emergency food assistance to families and children.

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