Family of Woman Found Dead in Lakehead Asking For Answers

The family of the woman found dead in a creek bed in Lakehead on Monday said they want some answers about her death.

57 year-old Neva Jean Hoskin family said her death could've been prevented and now they're wondering why it took a month to find her body when it was found 100 yards from her home.

"I had this in my heart. I knew she was dead the minute she went missing," said Hoskin's tearful older sister, Jerry Runnels.

Hoskin's body was found in a dry creek bed at the Trail Inn RV Park in Lakehead.

"She always called," said Runnels.

Runnels said she immediately knew something was wrong when she called Hoskin on her birthday back on August 15 but never heard from her.

On August 17 Runnels reported her sister missing.

According to Hoskin's boyfriend, Stanley Howlett, Hoskin left home to hitchhike to the Redding area to obtain a prescription but had not seen or heard from her for two days.

According to Howlett it was not uncommon for her to leave for a day or so without contacting him.

"If she was walking somewhere she needed help because she wasn't stable on her feet," said Runnels.

Runnels said her little sister had a history of health problems, including breast cancer but she was also a drug user who had battled addiction throughout her life.

"She's had this demon on her back for a long time," lamented Runnels.

Shasta County Sheriff's investigators said a search for Hoskin began soon after she was reported missing.

People living in the trailer park combed the area and a CHP helicopter was used to survey the area for more than an hour.

The Sheriff's Department also issued a BOLO, which stands for "be on the lookout alert" to all local law enforcement.

Hoskin was also entered as a missing person into the National Crime identification Computer System.

A few days later, a "critical reach" BOLO was issued with her photograph to all law enforcement agencies nationwide.

But Hoskin's family said there are still stones unturned.

"There's  just a lot of questions. Her purse and her clothes are missing, things just don't add up," said Runnels.

Detectives said they have interviewed several people in the case but right now there's no evidence of foul play.

Hoskin's family isn't ruling anything out, they said no matter what her problems were she did not deserve to die like she did.

"She chose the life she did but I am glad they found what's left of her body which wasn't much. The people out there that are on drugs and stuff just need to stop," said a tearful Runnels.

Detectives are ruling the cause of Hoskin's death unknown.

They hope to have more answers after forensic tests are done by the Shasta County Coroner's Office.

If you have any information regarding this case contact the Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit at 530-245-6135, Shasta County Coroners Office at 530-225-5551 or Secret Witness at 530-243-2319.

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