FBI: Sexual predator stopped in his tracks transporting teen

FBI arrests alleged multi-state sexual predator

WEED, Calif. - A Las Vegas teen has been reunited with her parents after an alleged sexual predator was busted in Weed.

The FBI says he had driven her through five states over the course of a month.

63-year-old Donald Peel was taken into custody on March 19, on charges he transported a minor with a disabled mental state with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

The 16-year-old victim in this case suffers from both Asperger's and autism, making her mental capacity that of a 12-year-old.

The pair traveled through Nevada, Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington before heading south to Weed, Calif. where Peel was arrested, according to court documents.

The night before the suspect was taken into custody, he and his victim apparently stayed one night at the Summit Inn Motel in downtown Weed. Motel Manager Florencey Parker said she checked the suspect and victim into their room and had spoken to Peel.

"I seen the girl. It was like a real short glimpse, she didn't want to come in or anything," explained Parker.

The motel manager noticed Peel seemed wary of handing over his driver license the day before he was busted.

"I asked him for his ID and he didn't really want to give too much information," Parker said.

The thought that a sexual predator had brought his victim to the motel and even made conversation with Parker gave her chills.

"That's going to make me feel like I should be a little more cautious, and look for more signs of a predator or a kidnapper in that situation," Parker said.

Parker said FBI investigators were at the motel Friday morning, taking pictures and gathering more evidence to build their case against Peel.

The teenage girl has since been reunited with her parents in her hometown.

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