Federal gov't to pay $3.5 million in death of Red Bluff boy

The terms of the lawsuit settlement have been revealed in the death 9-year-old Tommy Botell of Red Bluff.

The federal government has agreed to pay $3.5 million dollars to Botell's family after he was crushed to death by a retaining wall at Lassen Volcanic National Park.

The Sacramento Bee reports the lawsuit settlement comes after a federal judge stripped the government of its defenses following findings that Delores Koontz, the supervisor of the park, knew the wall was dangerous yet didn't fix it.

Koontz was also suspected of attempting to orchestrate a cover-up by causing evidence to be destroyed and lying under oath in a deposition.

Nine-year-old Tommy Botell was killed during a 2009 outing when a wall on the Lassen Peak Trail gave way.  

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