Firearms dealer questions proposed gun legislation

Firearms dealer questions proposed gun legislation

REDDING, Calif. - More gun regulations are likely on the way for imports to California.

The state Assembly approved a bill Wednesday that would require Californians buying guns from out-of-state sources to go through the same steps required for in-state purchases.

Imported firearms would have to be delivered to a licensed California dealer. Under the current law buyers must wait 10 days, undergo a background check, and have safety training.

"I think ultimately what it will do is get further down the road in enacting full registration and gun control," said Patrick Jones, owner of Jones' Fort in Redding.

The democratic assemblyman carrying the bill said it is being pushed through in response to mass killings, including the weekend slayings in Santa Barbara.

Jones said it will also close a loophole.

"Essentially, in California, they want to see that if you're in possession of a firearm - any firearm - that it's registered in your name. And thus, law enforcement would be able to check in the field," said the firearms dealer.

Jones said a current loophole that allows some firearms to come in through a relative would be absolved under the bill. A mother, father, son, or daughter could buy out-of-state guns and transfer ownership.

AB1609 passed on a 48-23, party-line vote and heads to the Senate.

The bill would take effect in 2015 if signed into law.

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