Firefighters rescue residents after water main break

REDDING, Calif. - Fire crews responded to a water main break in Redding Friday morning that caused streets and homes to flood.

It was reported just after 6 a.m. Friday at Magnolia and Shasta Streets, just west of downtown.

A river of water was flowing down Magnolia, and the road buckled.  Residents were evacuated from apartments and homes in the 1400 block of Magnolia Street.

Firefighters wearing life preservers went door-to-door rescuing residents.

Several fire engines responded to help get people out.

Evacuees were sent to the Red Cross shelter at the National Guard Armory in Redding, which was already set up for evacuees from the area on Chaparral Drive where explosives were found inside a home.

Crews arrived by 9 a.m. and used machinery to dig a hole in the street to make repairs.

Stay with KRCR News Channel 7 for updates.


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