Firefighters: station condition could pose safety risk

COTTONWOOD, Calif. - Cottonwood firefighters say their station on Brush St. is falling apart, literally, and welcomed community members to come see the damage.

There are cracks in the building and rotting wires, all beyond repair.

Fire Administrator Rodney Chadbon says diesel fumes waft into the kitchen and gear room because there just isn't enough space between those rooms and where their engines park.

Firefighters are hoping that with the help of a public tour Wednesday night will convince the community to support a $4 million bond measure.

Measure A would require property owners to pay an annual  fee based on their property's value, ranging anywhere from $50 to $100 dollars.

Chadbon says the public will see a better response time.

"At the moment, if we get a call, we have to go out the back to pick up the engines, and every second counts, especially when 80% plus of our calls are medical. They're very important to saving lives."

Ballots will be mailed to property owners starting Friday.

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