First Human Case Of West Nile Hits The Northstate For 2012

WILLOWS, Calif. - A West Nile virus was reported in Orland. This is the first case of human West Nile this year in the Northstate.

A woman in her fifties found out she had the virus after she gave blood a few weeks ago in Chico.

A West Nile is a virus that is carriend by mosquitoes.  A person can feel flu-like symptoms once they get the virus.

The Glenn County health officials say they found three crows that tested positive for the virus.  Still water is the breeding gourds of mosquitoes.

There are fore closures homes in Willows and Orland that has still water along with a lot of rice fields.  Health officials say that storm drains and people over waterring their lawns are another way for mosquitoes to breed.

The Glenn County Mosquito and Vector Control District has starting spraying pesticides a lot more ever since this case broke out.  They also say this warm weather is a key factor.

"The warm weather we've had that close to 100 degree weather is just prime weather for mosquitoes. It speeds up their cycle going from egg to adult within 4 to 5 days," says Jack Cavier the District Manager of Glenn County Mosquito and Vector Control District.

The Glenn County Mosquito and Vector Control District says right now is the peak for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes come out around dusk and dawn time.  If you are outside around those times wear light colored long sleeve shirts and pants.  If you have still water around your homes be sure that the water is being properly drained.

The Glenn County Mosquito and Vector Control District ask if anyone has a mosquito problem or sees a dead bird to call them at (530) 934-4025 or 877-WNV-BIRD.


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