Fitness fans raise glass to Redding mom's viral video

Fitness fans raise glass to Redding mom's viral video

REDDING, Calif. - As a mother to a toddler, 24-year-old April Storey of Redding knows her time is limited. And like many mothers know, including her, healthy living can be a struggle.

"It's a little bit harder with kids," Storey said while doing sit-ups.

She was laying on her living room floor Monday, at home with her one-year-old daughter, Brielle, and her husband, Levi. The busy life was on display.

But what resulted has now been seen by roughly 25-million people worldwide: A 15-second video posted in January dubbed "The Wine Workout."

It was an idea that came to Storey while setting up a New Year's Eve celebration.    

"I was getting ready to do a workout, a video like I normally do - posting workout videos. I saw the wine there and I'm like, 'you know, that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video,'" she said.

Storey said this is her normal life. She does simple, everyday home workouts. They are not necessarily always with wine. In fact, that was just one of the dozens of alcohol-less workout videos she's posted on her Facebook page.

"I started just wanting to share that more on my own social media accounts. It's something that I do every day," she said. "This is part of who I am. So that's what Facebook is for, right? Just sharing all the things that we're doing every day."

The sharing spread worldwide. One post was from former Star Trek actor George Takei saying "quit wine-ing and work out" to his 9-million followers.

"It makes fitness fun," Storey said when talking about the reaction. "[Other people] were making their own videos. They were doing different things with it."

Storey wanted to remind people to drink their workout wine responsibly and in moderation, and that it applies to most diets and healthy eating. She also stuck with just the one glass for the video, not even finishing it, and warns against multiple glasses of wine per workout.

No matter the number of re-creations, or comments, Storey is hoping everyone gets the message.

"What I want to show people with my videos is that fitness is something you can do every day, you can do it anywhere, and you can use anything," she said. "You don't have to have equipment. You don't have to spend a lot of money."

In this case, just don't forget the corkscrew.

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