Free skin cancer screening held in Chico

Many offered free skin cancer screening

CHICO, Calif. - One of the most common types of cancer in the United State comes from the sun rays that pound on our skin every day.

3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year.

A Chico dermatologist said everyone, especially here in California, should have their skin checked at least once a year.

More than 75 people got the free examination and were told if they need to seek further medical attention at a free clinic Monday morning in the parking lot at Rite-Aid on Mangrove Avenue in Chico.

The drug store is a sponsor of the Skin Cancer Foundation's Road to Healthy Skin Tour. The Chico stop was one of 58 on the nationwide tour.

They're making the trip in a 38-foot RV with four local doctors and two exam rooms.

Medical officials warn that if ignored, some skin lesions can lead to more serious conditions.

"Melanoma is deadly, and it's 100 percent preventable," said North Valley Dermatologist physician's assistant, Barbara Kinkle. "So, everybody should definitely do self examinations and get into to see a dermatologist for a skin check."

Here are some tips for you to protect yourself from the sun:

Always put on sunscreen when you step outside even though it's cloudy. Experts said most people get more sun damage on a cloudy day since they believe they are protected and don't take precautions.

Bring a hat with you to protect your face and scalp.

Try your to best to cover up when spending an excessive amount of time outdoors.

If you missed Monday's free screening, you can visit your local doctor for more advice. The next top on the tour is Sacramento and it wraps up on August 30th in San Diego.

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