Friends say triple murder suspect "feared" the teen he's accused of killing

CHICO, Calif. - KRCR News Channel 7 has learned new information about Donald Clark, 72, the man accused of killing three people at his Butte Creek Canyon home on June 12 and then burning their bodies in a car.

Friends say just days before the deadly confrontation, Clark warned friends about one of the shooting victims, saying he was frightened of the teenager whom he considered armed and dangerous.

Clark is held without bail at the Butte County Jail.  He's charged with three counts of murder for the killings of Colleen Lowe, 46, her son Roland Lowe, 15, and Richard Jones Junior, 17, all of Sacramento.

KRCR News Channel 7 is learning new information about the dispute between Clark and Jones that happened prior to the deadly shootings.

According to Angela Salerno of the Honey Run Covered Bridge Association, she and her husband spoke with Clark about the 17-year-old 10 days earlier at a pancake breakfast where Clark was a volunteer.

Clark warned them to "watch out" for Jones because he was "armed and dangerous and he feared him."

Further, Salerno said Clark told her that he had tried to befriend Jones by providing him a place to live.

According to Salerno, Jones had burglarized Clark's home.  Salerno pointed out Clark was in great fear of Richard. 

She said Donald Clark was a great volunteer at a number of events, including the annual Honey Run Road Covered Bridge Pancake Breakfast, the Artisan Fairs and the Canyon Cleanup.  He attended monthly meetings and was always there to help anyone in need.  Members of the group are shocked by Clark's arrest.

Another friend who spoke with Donald Clark on Thursday over the phone from jail said that Clark told him that he was "afraid" on the night of the shooting.

Everyone KRCR News Channel 7 has spoken with about Donald Clark is effusive in their praise of him as a decent and generous man.

Investigators say on June 12, Jones and the Lowes came to Clark's rural home on Centerville Road about 45 minutes east of Chico.  They were driving an Acura TL that had been stolen from Sacramento the previous day.  Investigators said Clark had previously told Jones to stay off his property.  When Jones and the Lowes did not leave, investigators say Clark shot the three with a shotgun, put their bodies in the car, drove it to the Skyway in Magalia, and set the vehicle on fire.

Clark will be back in court for further arraignment on Tuesday.

KRCR News Channel 7 will be there to bring you updated information on the case.

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