Fund created to support tortured dog

REDDING, Calif. - A fund has been created to help a dog that was tortured in Redding.

The dog, Gypsy, is healing after being stabbed, blinded and poisoned.

Last week Erica Patton, the owner of the 10-month-old Queensland Blue Heeler told the story of her dog being tortured.

Patton was eating at a restaurant on Butte Street in Redding when she believes Gypsy jumped out of her truck.

A witness reported seeing three men and a woman taking Gypsy away with them.

Frantic, Patton placed a missing ad in the newspaper, on Craigslist and on Facebook.

She also passed out hundreds of flyers and offered a $1,000 reward.

After five days Gypsy was found by a woman who lived in downtown Redding.

But since finding the dog it has been an uphill battle.

Veterinarian bills have already added up to more than $700 and will continue to rise.

Since the story of Gypsy has been brought to light Patton said she has been overwhelmed with people reaching out to her and offering support.

"I was just hoping to make pet owners aware especially in the area just so this doesn't happen again," explained Patton. "I'm just so thankful that everybody just cares about Gypsy. People are calling and telling me that they love Gypsy and they've never even met her."

On Monday Gypsy went to the vet and started a steroid treatment for her eyes; eyes that had been severely damaged at the hands of her torturers.

She's also been prescribed other medications.

While the Queensland Blue Heeler can't see now the doctor is hopeful that down the road she will at least be able to see shadows.

If you would like to help out with the rising vet costs you can go to any North Valley Bank and donate to "The Gypsy Fund."

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