Game-Changers innovation event moves Redding toward tech future

REDDING, Calif. - The Shasta Economic Development Corporation had a "Game Changers" Innovation Event on Friday to promote the idea that the global economy is changing and Shasta County needs to change too, or be left behind.

The floor of the Civic Auditorium was filled with people interested in developing the local economy and they were ringed by displays from 18 new start-ups and products. Fifteen of them started within the last year.

EDC President Mark Lascelles said that 80 percent of jobs created -- four out of five -- will be in technology. It's the role of the Shasta County EDC to create jobs, so it makes sense for the area to move away from service-oriented jobs and look toward high-tech.

This was the third Game Changers presentation and the EDC says the number of start-ups is growing: either locally grown or wanting to move to the area.

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