Gathering the Facts on the Costs of the Special Election

The Republican candidate Jim Nielsen, of Gerber, was elected Tuesday in a special election.

It was called because he didn't get 50 percent plus one vote in November. One of the major criticisms of the special election has been the cost.

As expected, the election had a very low turnout.  In fact, according to stats gathered from the clerks of five different counties in our area, only 27 percent of voters went to the polls on average.

As for cost, final totals have not been provided yet but we the estimated cost for Butte, Shasta, Tehama, Glenn, and Trinity counties to be around $920,000.

When we divide that by the roughly 69,000 people who voted it comes out $13.29 per vote. Voters were not pleased with the price tag.

 "We could have used that money for some people who need it," said one voter, Deanna Farris.  "It's just ridiculous!

 There is no word yet on when all the votes will be counted.

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