Girl scouts launch balloon tribute to bus crash victims

ORLAND, Calif. - Thursday's deadly bus crash on Interstate 5 in Glenn County is bringing out the best in many area residents.

Saturday morning, Girl scout Troop 70291 in Orland met near the crash site on Date Street just a few feet away from Interstate 5.  They  aid tribute to the 10 lives lost when a FexEx truck slammed into a tour bus filled with the school students Thursday afternoon.

Their troop leader Lucie Ramsey organized the balloon tribute as a life lesson for the girls.

The girl scouts wrote letters to those who perished and attached them to balloons.  Saturday morning they released those balloons into the heavens.

There were a total of 10 balloons, eight red and two pink.  The two pink balloons represented the engaged couple that was among those who were killed.  They also placed a sign along the fence near the freeway.

For some of the girls, this was their first experience with death. The young girls said this tragedy has taught them that life can end at anytime and can see how they can deeply affect communities and families.   

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