Global art project promotes local smiles

Global art project promotes local smiles

REDDING, Calif. - Smiles were plentiful in downtown Redding and on display for all to see.

A new art feature made its way to Shasta County and went up Sunday. Portraits adorned the outside walls of several downtown buildings. Each one carried a face full of expression.

It is known as the Inside Out Project.

The plan has been in the works locally ever since organizers attended a TED Talk explaining the process. The global art project was brought to Redding by Katrina Keyes.

"It's to reveal and display who actually is inside these buildings, making downtown who downtown is," Keyes said. "We're using their portraits and putting them up so people can see who they actually are on the outside of buildings, while they're inside the buildings as well."

Crews were out putting the pictures up Sunday, using wheat paste as the glue.

There are more than 170 photos spread throughout the area. There is one collection at the Cascade Theater and another at The Grape Escape, among other downtown businesses.

The portraits will stay up for as long as the participating companies want them there.

You can find more information at the Inside Out Project Redding website or learn more at the global project page.

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