Gloves off: Bistro owner thrilled by repeal of ban

Gloves off: Bistro owner thrilled by repeal of ban

REDDING, Calif. - Could the gloves be coming off in California? State legislators are hoping to repeal an unpopular law that bans chefs from touching certain foods with their bare hands.

At a place like Moonstone Bistro in Redding it has been nothing but frustration. That is according to restaurant owner and general manager Tanya Stedman.

"It sounds like somebody talked about something and it was a good idea, they all thought it was a good idea, but nobody actually implemented the boots on the ground to see if it would actually work," Stedman said.

The current law states employees must use gloves or utensils to handle food headed to customers' plates. Health experts contest it curbs the spread of disease. But Stedman said it is wasteful and restrictive for her chefs and bartenders.

AB 2130 is the bill to repeal those requirements. It passed the state senate Thursday by a 32-0 vote and is now headed to Governor Jerry Brown's desk.

Stedman said her staff takes ridiculous measures to comply and would be thrilled to see the rules change.

"So if this were to pass we would be ecstatic, because it's not realistic," she said. "This is the first time something that's not realistic has really been passed that we've had to enforce and comply with."

The bill takes effect July 1 if signed, the same day that the new regulation is set to be enforced.

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