Golden Umbrella asks you to 'Adopt-A-Senior'

REDDING, Calif. - A local organization is doing what they can to make sure local seniors don't have to spend the holidays alone. Golden Umbrella in Redding is asking the community to Adopt A Senior.

Many seniors are in need and without the communities help they wouldn't be able to get items as simple as a pair of socks.

Betty Barraza is one of many seniors who have benefited from Adopt-A-Senior, last year she received a gift card along with an item she uses every day.

"A big blanket which is overflowing in my bed and that's a beautiful thing too," said Barraza. "Now I know that there are people that do care for us."

Golden Umbrella has 584 seniors who are waiting to be adopted.

They've made tags which are hanging on a Christmas tree not only at their facility but also at the Mt. Shasta Mall.

The cards have the seniors name and their wish list which can vary from a pair of slippers to a blanket.

Barraza said those things might be insignificant to some but mean the world to them, and she said she's thankful for all of those who care.

"I just hope that their Christmas is just as good as ours after they get done," said Barraza.

Donations can be dropped off at Golden Umbrella or at any Owens pharmacy.

For more information you can call: (530) 223-6034 or

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