Gubernatorial candidate visits Northstate, focuses on drought

Gubernatorial candidate visits Northstate, focuses on drought

OROVILLE, Calif. - Neel Kashkari a Republican candidate for California governor visited Butte County Friday afternoon.

His focus is the drought. He wants to figure out how best to store water and use it for dry years like the one we are experiencing this year.

Kashkari released his jobs plan this week. In it he promotes the idea of scrapping proposals for high-speed rail, and instead putting the money towards storing water.

The Republican candidate got a tour of the Oroville Dam - and looked at the low lake levels at Lake Oroville.

The lake is a State Water Project reservoir.

"This is a great example of being Californians together 50 years ago, building storage that has been serving California for decades," said Kashkari. "We need more projects like this around the state."

The high speed rail system was approved by voters in 2008 but Kashkari is asking voters to put it back on the ballot, and focus the $9.95 billion bond towards storing water.

Kashkari said this plan will also add more jobs.

He also met up with rice farmers in Butte County to get a firsthand look at the struggles they've been going through during this record drought.

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