Gun dealer wants to help stabbing victim

REDDING, Calif. - Bastiani Arms wants to help the man that was stabbed early Wednesday morning.

Redding police said that 60-year-old David Hisawa was stabbed in his wheelchair while walking his dog on Scorpius Drive at 12:45 a.m.

Four men came up to him, and demanded his wallet. When he said he didn't have it, one of the men stabbed him in the shoulder and punched him twice.

After hearing about the the incident John Bastiani said he needed to do something about it. He is trying to get a hold of the victim so that he can provide a gun and a class for free.

"I'm tired of seeing everything going on, I mean finding needles while kids ride their bikes, drug paraphernalia and people stealing cars I'm kinda fed up," said Bastiani. "The fact that he was in a wheelchair, I mean he didn't have his wallet, OK walk away."

Bastiani said he is fed up with all the violence and people need to feel safe no matter what time of day.

"It's hot right now and sometimes at two in the morning it's still 102 degrees so it's the only comfortable time you can go out," Bastiani said. "And you should feel like you can go out in your neighborhood and not be stabbed and assaulted."

He said he knows that police are doing all they can but people still need to be protected.

"Sometimes in the moment you need something right now to defend yourself. If we can do this for him, then maybe it won't happen again. To him anyway" Bastiani said.

The suspect is described as being in his 20s, about six-feet-tall with a darker complexion and muscular build. The other three suspects are also in their 20s.

If you know anything about this incident you are asked to contact Redding police.

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