Gun show sign near scene of deadly shooting sparks passions

CHICO, Calif. - A sign promoting a gun show at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds has prompted a new banner posted at the corner of Bruce Road and Highway 32 in Chico. The banner calls into question the appropriateness of the location of the gun show advertising. 

The original  yellow promotional sign advertises the Gun Show at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds August 23 and 24.

In response, someone posted a banner next to the gun show sign.  The banner reads 'On this spot a sniper murdered David Yang 9/21/11. It is disrespectful to advertise your gun show here.'   

In August 2013, Jeffrey Menzies, 29, was found guilty of first degree murder and was sentenced to life without parole for Yang's killing.   Yang, 26, was shot and killed as he sat in his car waiting for the traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 32 and Bruce Road on Chico's southeast side. He was returning to work during the early morning hours on September 21,  2011.

Prosecutors said Menzies used a rifle to shoot Yang sniper-style, as he lay in wait in a nearby field.  The crime was apparently random, the two men did not know each other.

Flowers still lay alongside the intersection in Yang's memory.  Now the banner has been added that takes issue with a sign promoting the gun show.

The promoter of this weekend's gun show has posted a sign at that same intersection for many years.

Promoter Larry Urrutia lives in Maxwell.  When contacted by KRCR News Channel 7 he said he was unaware of the murder until this week.  "No, I had no clue that this occurred," he said.

"I will not put it up there next year," said Urrutia. "Why cause a disturbance?"

"I mean, the worst thing that can happen to a family is to lose an individual," he said.  "My heart goes out to the family.

The gun show is Saturday and Sunday at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds.

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